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My name is David (DJ) Bishop and I want to thank you for visiting our website.  It's my goal to help improve the lives of those impacted by a life changing spinal cord injury.  Not only have I lived with this injury, but have also seen it's impact on loved ones and others.  Please scroll down to hear my story and current journey.

Our Founder – DJ Bishop’s Story

Founder and president of Bishstrong Foundation is 29-year-old David (DJ) Bishop of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. DJ suffered a severe spinal cord injury on May 29, 2016 in a diving accident. He fractured his C4, C5 and C6 vertebrae resulting in a complete spinal cord injury,  leaving him a quadriplegic and paralyzed from the shoulders down. Life as DJ knew it changed in that instant. 


Doctors told DJ there was little chance of recovery for him, but through his consistent exercise regimen, he continues to get stronger each and every day. Injured prior to completing his college degree, DJ put his education on hold to focus all of his energy into his recovery. While continuing this rehabilitation he returned to school and in 2021, he accomplished another of his goals and graduated from Bridgewater State University.   Prior to his injury, DJ was a lifelong athlete whose drive and determination led him to compete as a collegiate baseball player. 

The drive and determination that DJ has exhibited throughout his life has only intensified and grown stronger as he works harder than ever to stay healthy and to beat paralysis. DJ possesses a never give up attitude and strives to make every day count. The Bishstrong Foundation was created in the hopes of inspiring others like him to do the same and to provide the resources necessary to help them achieve their goals.


We are here to help.  Please visit our contact page to send us a note.

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